Zion Promotion Present Christon Gray
 1 year ago

Zion Promotion Is proud to host, Christon Gray Sean C JohnsonJGivens and featured lyrical talent, Taelor Gray Live In London this April !!

Christon Gray is a rapper, singer and producer, his last visit to London in January 2017 alongside J Givens, proved to be a great success. This April will also see the return of another UK favourite, Sean C Johnson, along with the introduction of Taelor Gray. although he doesn’t need much of an introduction for the hip hop heads. Notice the surname? Yes, he’s the brother of Christon and he’s a brilliant artist in his own right.

Christon Gray style of Jazz, Rap, Gospel, definitely has a strong gospel root with a mainstream appeal. Growing up in a Christian family, his father led a choir for years and his mother toured in a choir, the Golden Gospel Singers. Christon’s roots are so deep in the genre, he referred to his home as a “gospel household” and serves as a church worship leader. While faith is an important theme in both The Glory Album and his career, the musician proves that you don’t need an over the top testimony to feel the power of Jesus Christ. We are set to hear new songs from this amazing artist not performed anywhere before.

Sean C Johnson U.K debut back in July 2017 rocked the house ! Zion Promotion welcomes the return of this show former Air Force Staff Sergeant from Oklahoma USA.

Sean creates music that lyrically takes the listener deep into the Word, changing the hearers into doers, and leaves a lasting impression on those who experience his performance.

J Given and Taelor Gray are set to complete the Christian rap and soulful line up to this that’s set to be an amazing night. Be sure to get your tickets !!

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